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Here’s How You Can Create a Modern Living Room

Here’s How You Can Create a Modern Living Room

A living room is often used for entertaining guests and friends, watching television, reading, or just chilling out. It is also referred to as a lounge, drawing room or sitting room. As it’s usually the first room that someone enters in a house, one would naturally want it to look modern and lovely! With so many unique design styles out there, it’s difficult to resist a complete overhaul of your living room. If you’re wondering —  “How can I make my living room modern?” — here are some tips and ideas to get you started!

Choose Neutral Colours or Colors That Stand Out

Let’s start with colours, as they have a huge impact on your mood. You can have two different approaches to colours in your modern living room.

If you are aiming for a neutral look and a relaxing feel, the colours you choose should also be neutral and relaxing — not jarring. Paint your walls and have your furniture and fabrics in neutral colours like white, cream, or grey. You could also opt for light, tranquil shades of colours like blue, green or beige. Or have your furnishings and décor in lovely pops of colour — like hot pink, red, yellow or purple — if that’s your thing. They will energise the room!

Go for a Boho-Inspired Look

Boho is short for bohemian, referring to a style inspired by the lifestyle of free spirits and hippies of the 1960s and 1970s. It is one of the living room designs Indian apartments can seamlessly adopt. If you’d like a Boho-inspired modern living room, balancing colour and texture is essential. Have a dark coloured sofa and bring in one or more house plants into the room. Team these up with a rug or carpet having geometrical patterns and leather chairs. And have an abstract painting on one of the living room walls. Go bold with paintings and art because boho lets you do so. Boho also lets you add velvet and suede elements in your living room.

Go for Natural and Comfortable Curtains

The curtains in your living room can reduce noise and amp up the look and feel of the room. Choose natural curtain textiles like linen or cotton and go for soft, flowing curtains. Use floor-to-ceiling curtains for a touch of warmth and elegance. Take inspiration from modern living room ideas 2021.

Add Calming Natural Fragrance

Sometimes, all it takes to give your living room a modern feel is a scent or home fragrance! Choose a natural, flavoured home fragrance with an enchanting smell. You could use scented candles and essential oils that soothe your soul. Enhance your living room with fresh scents.

Decorate Your Walls

Your modern living room is incomplete without wall décor! Let the walls speak for you. You can choose intriguing canvas paintings, murals or metal wall art to place or hang on any of the walls. Or deck them up with exquisite options in decorative mirrors, photo frames, wall clocks and more! Just don’t clutter all of your living room walls with too much décor —  stick to one or two items per wall, and leave at least one wall bare. You could even choose wallpaper as per your room décor style. Match or contrast the wall décor with your furniture and furnishings —  in terms of colours and patterns. Also, don’t add too many framed pictures to avoid making your living room look like a gallery.

Add Multi-Purpose Furniture

What living room furniture is in style in 2021? The answer is multi-purpose furniture! By now, your living room may be serving as your home office and maybe even a learning environment for kids. Multi-purpose furniture is a growing trend in living room furniture because we need spaces that are flexible, accessible and comfortable.

Here are a few options to include:

  • A coffee table with a convertible top
  • A dual-use wooden table with a pool table underneath
  • A floor lamp that doubles up as a storage shelf
  • A coffee table that houses an armchair
  • A stool with storage space underneath

Different types of living rooms can be summed as modern —  from minimalist to mid-century to maximalist. It is about finding the look that suits your home and fits your personal style. If you need help with finding high-quality materials for designing your modern living room — such as wall décor, curtains and drapes, home fragrances, wallpaper, or furniture — check out Tesor World — the home decor store in HSR Layout, Bangalore. You could also view the complete range on Or drop a message on WhatsApp at +91 988 604 8525.