Small Living Room Decorating Ideas In 2021 It’s called a living room because that’s where most of life happens. All the childhood memories of playing ludo and cards, guests arriving with invitation cards, comparing marks with cousins — all of this

The Complete Guide to Choosing Dinnerware Though it is not scientifically proven that tableware or dinnerware can enhance the taste of the food, we can say with certainty that it can alter the mood of diners. To understand how to choose

5 Ideas To Design A Beautiful Pooja Room Most people have a pooja room, mantap or mandir in their homes. And some of them have unique traditional Indian style pooja rooms. This room usually calls for a minimal look, but you

Vastu Tips for Puja Ghar (Mandir) The prayer area or pooja room (also called pooja ghar) plays an important role in spreading positivity and peace around the home. Most of us have a pooja mantap or mandir in our flats/apartment buildings.