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Comfy and stylish pieces for the whole home !!! Each part of your life — from living to dining to sleeping — deserves the finest furniture the world has to offer. That is what we strive to bring to you at Tesor World — the best furniture store in HSR Layout — with our collection of sofas, tables and chairs, consoles and dining tables, couches and cots, and much more. Explore our range of affordable furniture in Bangalore now!

Explore our wide variety of furnitures below!

How It Works — Shop From The Popular Wooden Furniture Store in Bangalore

Step 1: Explore Our Collection

Visit Tesor World — the best furniture store in Bangalore (HSR Layout) and explore our diverse collection.

Step 2: Make A Selection

Pick an item you like and make it your own with options for customization.

Step 3: We’ll Do The Rest!

We will get the item safely and securely from our furniture store in Bangalore to your home and set it up for you!

Our Customers Speak

This is a very good place for all home decor products like furniture that can increase the beauty of your home! And the staff and management are very friendly too.

Pavithra Reddy

Amazing place, awesome collection! Friendly staff and very good service. One stop place for all home decor needs, and has a great collection of furniture!

Rashmi Krishna Prasad

Do visit this store if you want to beautify or enhance your home! Furniture styles range from vintage to traditional to modern to contemporary — to various other styles. The pricing for the finish and wood quality is very reasonable!

Ioana Thomas

Choosing an ideal furniture store aids in obtaining elegant furnishing that contributes to the beauty of your home and is essential to defining your lifestyle. It serves a practical purpose and expresses your preference and design, transforming a home into a haven of comfort. 

A renowned furniture store aids you in purchasing high-quality furniture that improves lifespan and durability, saving you money on replacements. The variety offers caters to a wide range of preferences, allowing you to create a living place that reflects your personality. Each furniture item has an enormous effect on the overall ambiance of your home. 

A well-chosen sofa or a fashionable coffee table can completely change a space, making it more appealing to family and guests. A well-chosen sofa or a fashionable coffee table may completely change a space, making it more appealing to family and guests. 

Tesor is one of the best furniture shops in Banglore, introducing you to an assortment of comfort and style for every home space. Our excellent assortment includes everything from traditional couches and odd chairs to console tables, dining tables, and center tables. We recognize that every area of your life, whether resting, dining, or sleeping, deserves the best furnishings.

Our furniture shop in Banglore prioritizes quality and craftsmanship, acquiring furniture from trusted vendors that regularly offer outstanding results. Our commitment to using only the most incredible quality wood ensures that our goods last long. You should visit our furniture shop in HRBR, which has the perfect furnishing items to complement your lifestyle- a modern console table or a comfy cot.

We usually ship ready products within 3-4 business days; however, customized orders are attentively constructed and shipped between 5-7 weeks.

Additionally, embrace modern needs by offering an online buying option, assuring a hassle-free experience for people with hectic schedules. We guarantee you to place a premium on your chosen furniture’s safe and quick delivery. Tesor is known as a top-notch furniture shop for designing a home that reflects your personality and style, even offering a variety of wall decor items to round out your vision.

Modify Your Area With Tesor’s Best Furniture Shops In Banglore

Elevate Your living space with our exquisite collection from the best furniture shop in Banglore. Visit Tesor to get furniture that blends with timeless elegance and unmatched comfort.

FAQs — Buy Furniture Online in Bangalore

How are your furniture items made?

The furniture at Tesor World is designed and manufactured by our verified vendors who consistently deliver the highest quality.

How can I buy furniture online in Bangalore on Tesor World?

Simply go to the page of your chosen item and click ‘Enquire on WhatsApp’. For bulk orders, message us on WhatsApp at +91 98860 48525.

How can I select the appropriate furniture for my room and style?

Consider the size of your space, your particular taste, and the utility you require. Measure your space, consider current decor, and how you use the furniture. Online tools and visualizers can also assist you in visualizing how certain pieces will fit into your area.

What kind of materials are used to make the furniture?

We only use the highest quality wood of various types in our furniture.

How soon will my furniture order be dispatched?

For ready products, we take 3-4 working days to dispatch your order. In case of customized orders, it takes 5-7 weeks to custom-make it and dispatch.

What are the finest furniture maintenance and care practices?

 Maintenance differs depending on the material. Generally, adhering to the manufacturer’s care instructions is critical. You must ensure cleaning and dusting regularly. Avoid direct sunlight and excessive temperatures when caring for wood furniture. Fabric and leather upholstery may necessitate the use of specific cleaning chemicals.

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