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Do Blackout Curtains Help You Sleep Better?

Do Blackout Curtains Help You Sleep Better?

 Do Blackout Curtains Help You Sleep Better

The possibility of a curtain shop in Bangalore helping you sleep better might seem absurd but it might also be your ticket to getting your sleep cycle back on track! 


Although it is the most familiar thing we all do, sleep is often taken for granted. A good sleep hygiene routine can help your body and mind to replenish your energy, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and alert. It also aids bodily functions and disease preventative measures. The point is that good sleep is a crucial aspect of a healthy lifestyle and measures to ensure good sleep should not be taken lightly. 


However, sleep doesn’t come easy to quite a lot of people, and, like so many other important physiological activities, it is influenced by a variety of behavioural, environmental, and genetic factors. In this blog, we’ll be discussing how blackout curtains can help you control some of the environmental factors to help you sleep better. 

How are Blackout Curtains Good for Sleep

Blackout curtains are drapes that are double-lined and densely woven so as to totally block out light. Only through gaps around the window can light enter a room with blackout drapes. With these drapes you can 一 


Keep out light 

For those who work irregular shifts or have unpredictable sleeping schedules, this is a complete life saver. High-quality blackout curtains block everything from street lights to sunlight, allowing the pineal gland to release melatonin to its maximum potential (Melatonin secretion impacts and regulates our sleep cycle, therefore this is crucial). Hence, they can help you transition from day to night more easily and increase the quality of your sleep.


Reduce noise 

The thick fabric of blackout curtains can help to reduce noise pollution by absorbing sound waves that pass through them. This is especially significant in densely populated metropolitan regions or communities. Insulating drapes or shades can help you sleep peacefully. You can even hang these curtains on your door frames to block out noise from the other parts of the house.


Regulate temperature 

Some blackout curtains are designed to regulate temperature. These drapes help in keeping the room cool, fresh, and comfortable by retaining heat on colder days and repelling heat on warmer days. However, remember that not all blackout curtains can regulate heat and only some can. Hence, make sure to ask for the insulating drapes before making your purchase. 


Better ambience with lesser distractions 

And finally, blackout curtains have a sense of serenity to them that will allow you to rest peacefully. These long drapes not only block out light, noise and regulate temperature, but they also make your room feel cosier and peaceful. All the best places to buy curtains in Bangalore will have a variety of blackout curtains for you to choose from. You can choose one that complements your home’s decor and helps you feel at ease!


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