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uses of coasters

Best Type of Coasters to Own! Which of these do you use at home?

Best Type of Coasters to Own! Which of these do you use at home?

uses of coasters

The coaster has been a drink’s best friend for years, whether it’s on your coffee table or at your desk at work.

You might’ve noticed a shallow plate or mat set on tables where drinks are placed. In case you’ve wondered, these are coasters and are not kept there solely for decorative purposes. 

So, what are coasters? Are they necessary?

They’re round wheeled trays designed to protect table surfaces. Though small, the uses of coasters are many and they help to protect your surface from damage. 

Initially, coasters were made from wood pulp and cut into round or square shapes. As they grew in popularity the cardboard or cork material was replaced with ceramic, which is a lot more durable. 

Now, coasters are found all over the world and it’s hard to imagine setting drinks on the table without one! Often, they look more like art, however there is more to it: coasters save surfaces from scratches and stains and should be used. In fact, using a coaster should be no different than taking off your shoes before entering someone’s house- it’s respectful. 

Which Type of Coaster Is the Best?

You probably may not have given much thought to  what type of coaster you should buy. However, the real question you should be asking here is, what are coasters made of and which ones should I buy? 

Here are some coasters that are both aesthetic and functional:

Ceramic Coasters

Ceramic is a versatile material and can be made into many different things like coasters, plates, pots etc. Though primarily made in traditional designs, some ceramic coasters also come in classic and modern patterns. They are perfect for your table at home because they come in various shapes and sizes, and you can pick the ones that suit your home.

Ceramic is also a great choice when it comes to coasters for cars as they’re incredibly absorbent and easy to clean.

Marble Coasters

They come in attractive combinations and exude a luxurious look. Real marble may be a tad too expensive, but it could be a great choice if you have the budget for it. If real ones are not for you, then faux marble works just as well, given that it looks similar and provides the same style and function. 

Marble coasters work well when it comes to containers that don’t have very hot or cold liquids in them. They’re also great for glam or contemporary designs. 

Terracotta Coasters

Terracotta is unglazed ceramic that is usually orange or orangish-brown in colour. It’s a beautiful natural material that’s perfect for coasters to hold cups of hot or cold beverage and prevent it from ruining the surface below. 

Terracotta coasters are best suited for houses with minimalistic, or Japanese interior design style.


Glass Coasters

Because glass is one of the most luxurious materials in the market, it gives an impressive and elegant look when made into coasters. Glass can be moulded into anything, and its shiny, transparent appearance adds to its appeal. 

The coaster might just be a plain glass plate or have a lot of details and engraving. Glass in itself is a fragile material to be used for any fancy occasion like a dinner party instead of everyday use. These glass coasters are perfect for modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, Scandinavian and glam interior design styles.


Let’s Propose a Toast to the Humble Coaster

If a party host is on your tail about using a coaster, be polite enough to oblige. Part of being an excellent guest is to take the time to grab one before you place your glass down. If you’re hosting, It would help to have coasters in different  rooms where your guest may bring a drink- from the kitchen to the living room to the basement.

So go get yourself a new set of coasters; maybe make some from scratch, or buy yours from a unique store like Tesor World! 

Hopefully, these gave you an idea of which coasters to buy , and all the available options that are practical and trendy. The coasters mentioned above will enhance the beauty of your house. Visit Tesor World today to buy stylish coasters and thank us later!