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Benefits of Using Brass Items in Pooja Ghar

Benefits of Using Brass Items in Pooja Ghar

Brass Items in Pooja Ghar

Do you know brass was once considered one of the best metals for puja in homes and temples?

People would use brass utensils like thalis, lamps, diyas and many others for puja. They’d store water or gangajal in brass pitchers or vessels. Additionally, they’d also put prasadam in brass thalis and use brass items exclusively for keeping the rest of puja samagir.

Today, this traditional culture is followed by many around the globe. People religiously believe that using brass for puja attracts and invokes the divine consciousness, which is why they’re considered a popular metal for pujas.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using brass.

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Advantages of Using Brass Items

According to Vedic science, there are several spiritual and health benefits to using brass utensils.


Spiritual Benefits

Back in the day, people cooked prasadam in brass thalis and stored pure water or gangajal in brass. These traditions are followed by many today because they believe brass items attract spiritual waves and charge their prasadam or bhog with positive energy. For that reason, brass is a popularly used metal in puja—because they emit positive energy into the environment.

Health Benefits

According to Ayurveda Prakasha, brass utensils are known for their health benefits.

According to Ayurveda, food cooked in brass utensils is much healthier than food cooked with any other material. It may be easier to digest and promotes a healthy lifestyle. People believed that food cooked in brass items makes the nutrients in food proactive.


Brass utensils have other important health benefits.

  • Water stored in brass pitchers or vessels for 8 hours positively charges it, and drinking it balances all three doshas in the body.
  • Water stored in brass pitchers doesn’t stale. It can also prevent diseases like diarrhoea, jaundice, etc.
  • In addition to its healing properties, brass also helps derive some vital medical benefits from food.

Therapeutic Benefits

Brass items have some extraordinary health properties that aid healing. Even Ayurveda physicians recommend using brass items because they help with holistic healing, relieve stress, and have purifying properties. They also have properties that destroy microorganisms and make them hygienic.

Now that you know the benefits of using brass items, we have options for those of you who love to adorn your homes or temples: a brass statue of Radha Krishna or a Krishna brass idol. These items will release powerful spiritual energy into your surroundings.

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