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will curtains make a room warmer

Will Curtains Make a Room Warmer? Keep Reading to Find Out!

Assumptions and speculations are a part and parcel of human nature. So there’s no reason why something as uncontentious as curtains could evade controversy! You’d think that a simple decor item like curtains will be free from controversial debates and false facts but alas, we often hear people discuss them in our curtain shop in the HSR layout  curtains make a room warmer?

If you think we’re being a bit too dramatic, then we’ve got news for you! 

The following are several myths that people believe about curtains resulting in bad choices when buying curtains. 

Top 5 myths about curtains 

Facts, and not myths, are what you need when selecting curtains and drapes for your home. Hence, here are 5 myths you need to re-consider before making a purchase.

 1. Curtains make a room warmer 

Will curtains make a room warmer? No. What they can do, however, is retain heat within the room by limiting the movement of air between the warm and cold regions of a room. A double-glazed window might allow heat to escape, but heavy drapes will act as a barrier, preventing air from flowing from the main room to the window.

2. Curtains are better than blinds 

Are curtains better than blinds? It depends. Curtains are materials, typically fabrics draped from the ceiling as a screen to filter light and draughts. Blinds are sheath-like coverings that can be drawn down from a roller and are made from fabric, jute, metal, or wood. Curtains and blinds each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Although curtains are less expensive and easier to maintain, blinds provide better light control and fit perfectly without taking up much space. So the choice depends on your requirements and budget. 

3. Curtains reduce noise 

Will curtains reduce noise? Some do, and some don’t. A low-density, the lightweight curtain will provide little to no sound insulation. True soundproof drapes are dense, hefty, and often contain an additional middle layer for sound absorption. Vinyl or fabric materials can be used to create these middle layers. Curtains that have been covered with another curtain material are less effective. It is important to note that even though many curtains are promoted as soundproofing, they only reduce echoes and cannot offer theatre-level insulation. 

4. Flame-resistant and flame-retardant curtains are the same

Are flame-resistant and flame-retardant curtains the same? No. Flame-resistant indicates that the fabric used to make the curtains is naturally non-flammable, which means that if they do catch fire, they will burn very slowly or even self-extinguish in some situations. When a fabric is flame retardant, it is a regular fabric that has been treated with a special coating to ensure that it meets the standard and burns slowly or self-extinguishes.


5. You can’t wash S-fold curtains 

Can you wash S-fold curtains? Yes. S-fold curtains are a type of curtains that open and close without a hitch. The curtains, as the name suggests, have a wave or long “S” design that runs the length of the window they’re covering. 


You can wash them in the machine, but be wary of the cycle. Fill your washing machine halfway with your S-fold curtains. Set your washer to gentle wash at not more than 60 degrees and dissolve your detergent before washing them. If your curtains are really filthy, soak them for an additional 10 to 15 minutes. 


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