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Carved Brass Utility Table


We at Tesor are proud of our reputation of producing only the best quality products. Our artefacts and idols are one of a kind and recognized for their sheer beauty as well as functionality. We handcraft all our products so that our customers get a unique and special piece with every purchase. This is true for this carved brass utility table as well. This means that every brass table you buy from this catalogue is remarkable in its own unique way. No two tables will ever be the same, making each one a limited edition piece. 

Made of pure brass, the exquisite details of the handiwork on this carved brass utility table will draw your guests in with its beauty and grandeur. This brass table demonstrates excellent craftsmanship and showcases the elite level of artistry that went into making it. It gives a touch of opulence to your room and enhances the entire aesthetic. 

You can use this utility brass table as a stand for placing religious idols or other artifacts, or you can use it as a standalone showpiece. This is because this stunningly carved brass utility table is so well made that it automatically becomes the centre of attention in any room you place it.



Our carved brass utility tables are gorgeous pieces of furniture that seamlessly blend artistry with functionality. Infused with numerous detailed carvings and an antique brass finish, these brass tables will be the highlight of your room.
If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home, this beautifully carved brass utility table is an absolute must-have! The combination of the intricate carving and the stunning finish creates an exquisite piece that will instantly elevate the style and charm of any space.
Brass tables have a timeless appeal that can add a luxurious and cosy ambiance to the ambiance, transforming the vibe. The warm tones on this incredible brass table and unique designs elevate it and give it a classic look. It brings an air of sophistication with it, meaning you can use this utility brass table as a side table, a console table, or even a decorative showpiece.

What is the Weight Capacity of this Brass Table?

This brass utility table is constructed to be robust and sturdy, and can hence support a reasonable amount of weight. However, the specific weight capacity might differ slightly depending on each item’s individual design. 

Can You Recommend How to Style this Brass Table?

Of course! This brass table has an opulent look with exquisite carvings. Hence it wouldn’t be wise to put a tablecloth on it. However, you can add important photo frames of loved ones, religious statues, and brass idols on the tabletop, or choose to leave it as a showpiece by itself.

How Am I Supposed to Clean this Brass Table?

Clean this carved brass utility table with a duster cloth and some warm water. Using a harsh chemical agent might risk disrupting the antique brass finish and take away from its elegance.

Additional information

Additional information






D: 11” W:11” H: 12”


6.7 Kg

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