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Blue Meenakari Peacock Statue


Ever graceful, an object of wonder, and an artist’s inspiration, peacocks have been a constant in Indian culture. Deck up your space to look luxurious by picking this Blue Meenakari Brass Peacock Statue, available only at Tesor – the best home decor store in Bangalore.



Peacocks have been revered across many religions and cultures as an epitome of royalty. Peacock statues also symbolize good fortune, immortality, and romance. Hence, it’s deemed good to place a peacock statue or painting in office and residential spaces to summon good luck and ward off evil.

As the peacock is indigenous to India, Hindu culture also identifies peacocks with the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. Our Blue Meenakari Peacock Statue is an exceptional piece of art made using an age-old, extensively laborious artistry called Meenakari. The peacock standing on a tree trunk with its feather train designed to spread down ever so gracefully is one of a kind piece exclusively designed for Tesor — the best home decor store in Bangalore.

Tesor is a premium decor store in Bangalore, where you can treat yourself to beautiful brass idols, artifacts, furnishings, and other items made of multiple mediums sourced from across the country exclusively meant to beautify your space. Deemed one of the best brass idol shops in Bangalore, we strongly advocate the MAKE IN INDIA initiative: every aspect of the product is exclusively made in India. Our handpicked array of collections selected by a core team of decor experts displayed at our store alleviates your space without burning a hole in your pockets.

At Tesor Decor, we curate beautiful home decor products from across India. Every product is handpicked by our team of home decor experts to ensure it matches your design and quality expectations.

The products displayed are hand-made by some of the finest craftsmen around the country. Hence slight variations in colour or pattern between what is displayed on our website and the one delivered are inevitable. Rest assured, there are zero compromises in quality or the aesthetics of the product.

How to Clean the Product?

As it is a handmade product, please refrain from immersive it in water or washing it. Preferably use a dry microfiber cloth or a damp cotton cloth to wipe the idol clean. For any assistance, you can come to Tesor’s home décor store in Bangalore, where we can also refurbish it to look brand-new.

Can I Gift a Peacock Idol?

If you have an eye for all things beautiful, this blue meenakari peacock, so intricately carved, is a beautiful gift you can pick for yourself or your peers, leaving them mesmerized.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg

H: 9", W: 12", D: 6"





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