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Antique Radha Krishna Brass Idol


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Capture the essence of divine love

Add a touch of divinity to your home décor with this handcrafted antique Radha Krishna brass idol.

This antique Radha Krishna brass idol will definitely become your favourite in no time. Its aesthetics include Lord Krishna playing his flute and Radha leaning lovingly on his shoulder.



‘Radhakrishna’ represents the unique union of the Goddess Radha and her beloved Krishna, two highly celebrated deities in the Hindu Vaishnavite tradition. This antique Radha Krishna brass idol tries to capture the essence of their divine love — which makes it an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarming, etc.

We strongly advocate the MAKE IN INDIA initiative and all our products are crafted by skilled artisans from the heartlands of India. This antique Radha Krishna brass idol is expertly crafted, using a combination of age-old and contemporary methods.

At Tesor World, we curate beautiful home decor products from across India. Every product is handpicked by our team of home decor experts to ensure it matches your design and quality expectations. This brass statue of antique Radha Krishna brass idol is one such curated décor element.

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Disclaimer: All our products are handcrafted. There could be chances of slight variations between the product you view on the website and the one that gets delivered to you, but we ensure that the beauty and quality of the product remain intact.

How it Works – Shop For Statues and Idols in Bangalore

Step 1: Explore Our Collection

Visit our brass idol shops in Bangalore and explore our extensive collection of buddha statues.

Step 2: Pick a statue or two

Make a selection of the resin, wood or brass statue of your choice.

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Our Customers Speak

The idols are well-detailed with clear facial features and nicely decorated. The material is solid brass, and it just adds to the beauty of your home—excellent quality for the price.

Deepika Saini, New Delhi.

I gifted this brass Radha Krishna statue to my sister for Diwali and she loved it! It’s a gorgeous piece of art and worth every penny.

Abhishek Shetty, Bangalore
Can we keep a Radha Krishna idol at home?

Keeping Radha Krishna idols at home is considered auspicious and said to boost love and affection between couples. Tesor World has a great collection of brass Radha Krishna idols to keep in your home.

Can we gift Radha Krishna idols?

Yes, they can act as a token of blessing, and at Tesor World, you can shop for Radha Krishna brass statues to gift for various occasions like birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries, etc.

Where should we keep Radha Krishna idols at home?

The idol is most effective when placed in the Northeast corner of your home. Contact Tesor World with any questions about our brass Krishna Radha idols or how you can incorporate more antiques into your home decor.

Which idol should not be kept in the house?

The idols of Bhairav Dev, Shani-Dev, and Rahu-Ketu are considered inauspicious and should not be kept at home. You can, however, choose to keep the idols of Radha Krishna, which has been indicated to bring good luck. Shop for these idols from our vast collection at Tesor World.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 32 kg

H: 28", W: 9", D: 5" (Each)





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