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Carved Brass Ganesha


Lord Ganesha is a prominent deity in Hinduism. He is one of the most widely worshipped Gods in all of India and forms a key figure in the Hindu pantheon of Gods. But what’s more? Ganesha is a beloved figure even beyond the Hindu religion. He symbolizes several attributes such as wisdom, prosperity, knowledge, and unity, and is often used as a token of strength and spirituality. Grace your house by getting a brass Ganesha statue and welcome all these elements into your humble abode. 

This brass Ganesha idol is intricately carved and exquisitely made, exuding a warm aura of divinity and spirituality. Visually stunning with its magnificent features and expressions, this brass Ganesha idol is a masterpiece of artisanal skills and spiritual symbolism. It is meticulously handmade by some of the most skilled marksmen in our country and emanates holy vibes to enhance the overall aesthetic of your house.

Whether you wish to place it in your home pooja mandir, or your workplace, or give it as a gift to your loved ones, this brass Ganesha idol is the perfect artifact for you. 





At Tesor, we are renowned for our tremendous artifacts. What makes our products special is that they are exclusively handcrafted. This means that, unlike most stores, every idol you buy is special in its own way, and no two idols will ever be the same. Each brass Ganesha statue is crafted individually by our artisans and thus has its own distinct features. Made after countless hours of dedication and tireless effort, each showpiece is infused with love and hard work.
Made of pure brass, this brass Ganesha idol depicts Lord Ganesha sitting upright in his iconic position. It features him with his four arms, each holding a spiritually important instrument. The carvings on his face and body are incredibly detailed, giving it a marvellous look. It also features Moushika, the mouse at the bottom of his feet, which is said to represent the crushing of negative thoughts and energy. This serene carved brass Ganesha boasts a gorgeous antique finish too, elevating the ambiance of your prayer room and filling it with warmth.
Place this splendid brass Ganesha statue as the centerpiece of your home mandir for you to focus your religious ceremonies and rituals. Keeping it on your mantle will bring the whole room to life, letting all your loved ones pay their respects. But more importantly, the universality of this iconic brass Ganesha idol means that it can also be used in a variety of different ways.
Ganesha is often characterized as a protector and symbol of prosperity. Thus, you can place this amazing brass Ganesha idol in your home office or workstation as an emblem of good fortune, wealth, and luck, to offer you guidance at work and keep you safe.

Can we give a Buddha statue as a gift?

Yes, Buddha statues make great gifts even if you’re a non-buddhist. The buddha statues at Tesor World are ideal for gifting purposes.

Can we place it in water?

Absolutely! This brass idol is very special and symbolizes several positive and wholesome attributes. Giving it to a loved one is an incredible way of bestowing these qualities on them and wishing them good fortune.

How Am I Supposed to Clean this Statue?

This brass idol is made from brass and features a rustic, antique finish. To preserve the beauty of this amazing statue, clean it with warm water. Avoid using any harsh chemicals as they may damage the shine of the idol.

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Additional information






D: 4” W:5”, H: 8”


2.23 Kg

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