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Buddha Brass Bust in Antique Green Finish1


Grace your home with this incredible Buddha brass idol, and invite elements of harmony and prosperity into your house. This Buddha brass statue is an exquisite showpiece to elevate your home decor, featuring a brass bust and an elegant antique green finish. 

This Buddha brass idol serves as a symbol of tranquillity and enlightenment. You can place it in your bedroom, workstation, or even meditation space, and it will create a zen aura fit for mindfulness-based activities.



At Tesor, we believe that every product is unique. Hence, we have our skilled artisans painstakingly handcraft each of our offerings. This means that every product you buy is a special limited-edition piece in its own unique way since no two will ever be the same. 

This Buddha brass bust is no different. Made with unwavering devotion and tremendous effort, countless hours of marksmanship have gone into meticulously making this brass Buddha statue. 

This captivating Buddha brass idol features Buddha smiling charmingly, encouraging its audience to share in his happiness. Its intricate carvings and radiant antique green finish exude a sense of elegance and grace, spreading harmony and peace in any room in which it is placed. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a Buddhist practitioner or simply seeking to find a sense of peace and mindfulness in your life. This antique brass Buddha statue is universal and serves as a focal point for your spiritual rituals. 

Get this ravishing piece of art today, and invite prosperity, enlightenment, and joy into your humble abode. Moreover, you can choose to either grace your home with this enticing sculpture or present it as a gift to your loved ones as a mark of your undying affection for them. 

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H: 6”, W: 4”

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