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benefits of ceramic pots

The Surprising Benefits of Ceramic Pots

The Surprising Benefits of Ceramic Pots  

benefits of ceramic pots

Pots have the innate ability to make you fall in love. You don’t have to be a gardener for that. Potted plants tend to give you creative rewards without the hard work, but their ability to draw you in doesn’t end there. 

For example, they depend on you for their survival which brings out your inner need to nurture. However, their biggest masterstroke is loyalty. Pots move with you as you move home. 

They become a part of your life. 

That’s why choosing the right material for your pots is essential. Whether you favour vintage style or contemporary lines, when you walk into a crowded room or a garden, a beautiful planter is one of the first things you’ll notice. 

There are, undoubtedly, a plethora of options for planters like terracotta, plastic, ceramic or even metal. Every sort has favourable circumstances and inconveniences, and houseplants live longer if their individual needs are met. Nevertheless, ceramic is a decent all-around choice. 

If you’d like to know about the benefit of using ceramic pots, how you can choose a good one for your plants, and how you can grow plants in them, keep reading!

Why Ceramic Pots Are Good For Plants

Plants help purify the air around us, so it’s essential to use a material that’s both visually appealing and also benefits the plants. Using ceramic pots for plants is an excellent choice because they are made of a porous material that can help your plants with airflow and water absorption. 

When air reaches the soil, the roots are stimulated, which leads to increased growth. This, in turn, also keeps the soil from retaining too much moisture, which leads to root rot. 

Why’s this important?

When the soil is too wet, it can lead to roots rotting and killing your plants! Ceramics absorb the extra moisture and reduce the chances of the soil staying overly wet, so your plants are more likely to thrive in them. 

How To Choose a Ceramic Pot for Planting

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a ceramic pot for your plants, and here is the criteria to help you make your decision. 


One of the crucial aspects of a pot is drainage because if plants have their roots in stagnant water, they simply can’t survive. However, many beautiful ceramic pots don’t have a drainage system, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy them. 

You just need to learn to build your own drainage within the pot! You can do this by placing a good half-inch of drainage rocks at the bottom of your pot and adding another half-inch layer of activated charcoal. Then add your soil and place your plant. This will ensure that water doesn’t stay stagnant in the pot.


Air is just as essential to your plants as water. It’s important to buy a ceramic planter that allows a natural airflow to your plant because it can aid in root growth and keep the soil from getting damp. Look for ceramic pots that are natural or painted, as they usually have sufficient porosity. Steer clear from glazed ceramic pots since they make it impossible for air to escape.


It’s important to consider the location of your ceramic pot so you can decide on the type of pot to choose. For smaller indoor plants that you want to keep moving about, use a lighter weight ceramic pot

However, if you’re using larger plants, you will need a sturdy, heavier ceramic pot that you are most likely to leave in one place. 

Contrasting Colours

Consider playing with contrasts when it comes to choosing the type of ceramic pot for your plant. They bring out the best from both your plant and the pots they’re in. For example, if you want to grow non-flowering plants with paler foliage, then a vibrant, eye-popping ceramic planter would be a great way to enhance their beauty in a minimalistic and natural manner.

The same goes for when you have bright, flowering plants in shades of pink or red. Planting them in a ceramic planter with muted tones could be a great way to accentuate the flowers. 

Blending Colours

Learning how to plant indoor plants in ceramic pots is almost like art. Sometimes, you may not want to highlight your pot, but rather blend them in with your interiors. 

Generally speaking, it means using colours that match with one another as well as the environment they’re placed in. If you want to create a uniform and calm space around you, then using indoor plants with ceramic pots that neutralize one another would help in achieving that to a great extent. 

After going through the criteria of using ceramic pots for your plants, we hope you understand the main message here:

Think of your potted plants as living decor items.

Whether they are big or small, stand-alone or in a group with other plants or other objects, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Does this pot enhance the beauty of this plant?
  • Do this plant and pot together suit and emphasize the surrounding environment?
  • Is the plant thriving in this pot?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you know you’ve made the right decision. You can also reach out to the team at Tesor World if you’re still not able to decide the kind of pot for your plants. You also can shop for some of the most beautiful ceramic planters at Tesor World, our team can help you select the one that most suits your plant and your environment. Visit or drop a text on WhatsApp at +91 998 604 8525, to know more!