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Shallow Pasta Bowl / Green


A delicate translucent green that is handcrafted to add a rainforest charm to your table spread.

If you’re looking for something simple yet practical, this green bowl is perfect for you. The colour is easy on the eyes and can be matched with a range of different shades.

The stoneware body provides a satisfying weight to it while also ensuring sufficient durability. It is ideal to serve spaghetti or pasta on this ceramic plate. The shallow bowl set allows you to easily scoop silky textures off the dish and eat them comfortably.



The green rainforest hue is a unique colour that adds to the bowl’s appeal. It has a rustic yet luxury vibe to it and is perfect for a minimalist theme.

Tesor World will help you select crockery that will surpass your expectations for any occasion, from simple family meals to more sophisticated home decor.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.950 kg

Height – 2 cm, Top diameter – 9 cm


Stone Wear – Ceramic



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