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Buddha Idol in Bronze Finish


At Tesor, we take pride in handcrafting every product on offer. This is because we believe all our customers should be able to purchase a showpiece that they are proud to own. This Buddha statue is no different. 

Made with the meticulousness and delicate workmanship of our passionate and skilled artisans, this Buddha idol in bronze features Gautuma Buddha in a state of peaceful zen. Notice the astonishingly well-carved features of this Buddha idol- its captivating gaze, flush cheeks, charming smile, and stunning bronze finish, all adding to the interior decor of your home. 

Moreover, this fashionable centrepiece radiates an atmosphere of purity and harmony across any displayed room. Ideally, you can add this bronze idol to your prayer room and use it for your spiritual and mindfulness rituals every morning and feel the power of the Buddha flowing through you. 

This universal ornament also serves as the perfect present for your family and loved ones. Crafted with precision and care, this Buddha idol is a symbol of prosperity and wisdom that will transcend all cultural and spiritual boundaries.



Buddha idols are characterized by their aura of tranquil serenity and harmony. Buddha has always universally been an endearing and cherished symbol of spirituality, joy, and enlightenment. Grace your home with this incredible Buddha idol in bronze finish and invite these timeless virtues into your life.

Carved with meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite Buddha brass statue can be used as the showpiece in your prayer room or presented to a loved one as a sign of goodwill and prosperity. 

Featuring well-chiselled features and an elegant brass finish, this Buddha idol is certain to elevate your room’s decor while bringing in tranquillity and peacefulness. It is perfect for your meditation and mindfulness and a testament to everything Buddha stood for.

Which Room Should I Add This Buddha Idol to?

Because of its breathtaking beauty and stunning features, this Buddha Idol in bronze can seamlessly fit into any room you desire, whether it is your sacred prayer room, bedroom, children’s room, or home office.

What Does the Buddha Statue Symbolize?

The Buddha idol is a universal symbol of a lot of positive elements such as joy, enlightenment, wisdom, prosperity, and harmony. Purchasing this Buddha statue is a devout way of inviting these qualities into your life.

How Should I Maintain the Beauty of this Buddha Idol in Bronze?

To ensure that the bronze finish doesn’t become dull, avoid cleaning it with any strong chemical cleaners, or else you might damage the antique bronze shine.

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Additional information




H: 6”, W: 4”

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