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Brass Tree for Wall Decor


Shop for Metallic Wall Art in Bangalore

Whether you’re looking to add a chic touch to your bedroom walls or spruce up your living room, you’re sure to find some inspiration from our diverse collection at Tesor world—the leading Metal Wall Art Manufacturers in Bangalore.

Enhance the aesthetics of your home temple, house, office, hotel, etc with this beautiful brass tree. It elevates every place both visually and spiritually.



Transform your walls into your personal art gallery with meticulously handcrafted metallic wall art from Tesor World. Turn your digs into one-of-a-kind pieces that will add brilliance to any wall and also make for the perfect housewarming present! Shop at Tesor world today!

Its brass-made metallic look stands out from the rest of the brass products online. With the intrinsic divine positivity, it purifies whatever place it has been kept in.

Tesor World today has established itself as one of the top home-decor brands of India. We are a brand proud of our great Indian history, our art, and our culture. We are passionate about upholding the company’s heritage while crafting minimal, outstanding, creative, modern art pieces for today’s world. Each one of our brass products online is handpicked by our team of home decor experts to ensure it matches your design and quality expectations. This brass tree for wall decor is one such curated product.

Disclaimer: All our products are handcrafted. There could be chances of slight variations between the product you view on the website and the one that gets delivered to you, but we ensure that the beauty and quality of the product remain intact.

How it Works – Shop For Metallic Wall Art in Bangalore

Step 1: Explore Our Collection

Visit our metal wall art home centre in Bangalore and explore our extensive collection of home decor pieces.

Step 2: Pick a wall hanging

Make a selection of the home decor item of your choice.

Step 3: And that’s it!

We can get the metal wall art safely delivered to your doorstep or you can take them home with you from the store.

Our Customers Speak

I purchased a beautiful wall hanging from Tesor World to add to our living room and our guests can’t stop gushing about it. We’re very pleased and look forward to shopping some more!

Archana Pai, Bangalore.

I gifted this stunning wall decor item to my best friend when she moved to her new apartment and she loved it. It’s the perfect decor element and is now hanging proudly on her bedroom wall. I couldn’t be happier!

Viola Crasta, Bangalore.
Why shop with Tesor world?

Tesor World is at the forefront when it comes to home decor products. We have come up with a diverse product portfolio offering unique designs for home improvement and continue to enthral our customers with a wide range of affordable pieces.

Can we gift these wall decor items?

.Yes, absolutely. They will make great gifts especially for a housewarming party or special occasions like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan etc.

How to choose wall art?

To start with, you want to determine where your wall art placement will be and it’s important to consider the size of your space to ensure that you buy pieces that enhance the area and not make it feel small and cluttered.

How should I clean the wall-hanging?

Use a microfiber cloth to clean dust and small blemishes. Avoid the use of store bought detergents as they contain harsh chemicals and this removes the protective, clear coat.

Additional information

Additional information


H: 13", W:15", D: 6"





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