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Maa Durga makes everything prosperous, as she’s revered as the auspicious one. Bring home the positivity and power of the supreme mother goddess, Maa Durga, with this fine-crafted Brass Durga Idol, found only at Tesor — the best brass idol shop near you.



Various Vedic literature depicts Maa Durga as a goddess harnessing feminine prowess and containing the invincible power of nature within her. Devi Durga is the creator, protector, and destroyer; she is the true representation of womanhood, an epitome of strength and bearer of divine force.

She’s often pictured as a motherly figure with the appearance of a warrior, riding a lion or tiger, with outstretched arms holding weapons and instruments of victory and war.
Having a brass Durga idol in your pooja ghar attracts her motherly affection, strength, and protection from evil for a positive and happy home.

This intricately designed Brass Durga Idol found at Tesor can be gifted to your loved ones or brought home to fill your space with positive energies.

Tesor is a home decor store in Bangalore where you can treat yourself to beautiful brass idols, furniture, decor products, and other items to adorn the shelves of your home or office spaces. As one of the best brass idol shops in Bangalore, we strongly advocate the MAKE IN INDIA initiative: every aspect of the product is exclusively made in India.

Your brass idols online shopping hunt ends right here at Tesor World — a perfect platform that houses alluring, intricate, and distinctive brass idols for homes that fit your budget and enrich your space. Add this to your cart now!

At Tesor Decor, we curate beautiful home decor products from across India. Every product is handpicked by our team of home decor experts to ensure it matches your design and quality expectations.

The products displayed are hand-made by some of the finest craftsmen around the country. Hence slight variations in colour or pattern from what’s displayed on our website and the one delivered will be inevitable. Rest assured: there are zero compromises in quality or the product’s aesthetics.

How To Clean the Brass Durga Idol?

It is important to keep the idol clean to invoke Devi Durga’s blessings. Use a dry microfiber cloth or a damp cotton cloth to wipe the idol clean. For any assistance, you can visit a brass idol shop near you, such as Tesor, where we can also refurbish it to look brand-new.

Where Can I Place the Brass Durga Idol?

It’s preferable to place the Devi Durga statue in a pooja chamber or altar, temples, or inside your homes and office spaces where you want to invite positivity and seek protection from evil forces. Always keep the place well-lit and clean.

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