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Brass Diya for Home Temple


Remove darkness and negativity, and invoke purity and power by lighting a diya in your home. Illuminate your house; get a Brass Diya for Home Temple from Tesor — the best home decor store in Bangalore.



The fire element in the diya denotes powerful energy bringing about a surge of positivity into the space where it is lit. Brass, being a good conductor of positive energy, has been a conventional medium in lighting lamps around houses in India. Lighting a brass diya in the sanctity of the temple house is auspicious to invite good health and prosperity around us. A variety of brass diyas of unique shapes and sizes that perfectly suit your pooja ghar are available at Tesor — the best brass idol shop near you!

Tesor is a home decor store in Bangalore housing the most extraordinary handicrafts and furnishing sourced from across the country to amplify your home or office spaces. Treat yourself to timelessly beautiful brass god idols, unique artefacts, decor products, etc., that can be adored by generations to come.

We adhere to quality over quantity and hence house only remarkable classic pieces. We pride ourselves as one of the best brass idol shops in Bangalore, and we strongly advocate the MAKE IN INDIA initiative: every aspect of the product is exclusively made in India.

Pick this Brass Diya for Home Temple today to illuminate your homes and fill your life with positivity. Add this to your cart now!

At Tesor Decor, we curate beautiful home decor products from across India. Every product is handpicked by our team of home decor experts to ensure it matches your design and quality expectations.

The products displayed are hand-made by some of the finest craftsmen around the country. Hence slight variations in colour or pattern between what is displayed on our website and the one delivered are inevitable. Rest assured, there are zero compromises in quality or the aesthetics of the product.

How To Clean the Diya?

As oil or ghee are preferred mediums to light the diya, over time, the product becomes greasy. Soak the lamp for a few minutes in a solution of warm water with some dish soap. Rub it with a clean, dry cloth to keep it tarnish-free. Visit Tesor — the best brass idol shop in Bangalore — for more tips.

Can we place it in water?

No, it can’t be placed in water.

Where Can I Place the Lamp or Diya?

The lamp can be placed in your pooja ghar, temples, inside your homes, office spaces, or anywhere you want to invite positivity. Light the diya every day to evoke knowledge and prosperity into your lives. Buy more such intricate brass god idols or brass diya from Tesor — the best home decor store in Bangalore.

Additional information

Additional information


H: 3", W:5", D: 5"





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